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Kazakh Antique Jewelry from Kazakhstan

Golden Warrior

From time immemorial Kazakhstan was territory where met and coexisted the nomadic and settled world of Eurasia. The early period of history of the Eurasian nomads carries the name "skeef-sakian" after two big tribe en groupings. In interaction and inter osculation of cultures of these peoples also has arisen in VII-VI centuries B.C. brilliant art of the skeefian-siberian "animal" style.

Kazakh antique jewelry - belts

High sample of antique jewelry art of this style is the unique complex of the gold stripes decorating an attire of the notable military general. So-called "the Gold warrior" has been found out in 1969-70 at excavation of Issyk barrow near Almaty city. This most valuable artifact is dated V-IV centuries B.C. Besides elements of headdress were exhibited at the show. In a separate showcase reconstruction of clothes, arms and ornaments of "Warrior in gold clothes", performed in year 2000, were exhibited.

In the Armory Museum gold craftworks from so-called "Jalaulin treasure" (V-III centuries B.C.) discovered in 1986 on territory of Almaty area were exhibited. Artifacts from Berel barrow (East Kazakhstan) represent magnificent samples of metals work of sakian period of V-III centuries B.C.

Kazakh antique jewelry - rings

In III-II centuries B.C. on Kazakhstan territory "animal" style is replaced with incrustational - the highest level of applied jewelry art of an antique. In the this style the "Kargaly diadem" (II-I centuries B.C.)- the complex of craftwork found in Kargaly canyon near Alma-Ata in 1939 - was made.

Antique Kazakh bride's wedding headdress

The Kazakh antique jewelry masters (zergers) have continued traditions of an ancient applied art. Skilfully revealing beauty of metal, they made jewelry of silver with inserts from natural semiprecious stones, such, as a beride's headdress, belts, amulets, breast ornaments, ornaments for maiden ponytails, bracelets, earrings, rings.

We are the collectors of Central-Asian antique jewelry. If you have anything that might interest us, we would like to purchase it from you. Primarily we are interested in buying of Kazakh antique jewelry. We are looking for Kazakh wedding headdress, belts, rings, breast ornaments, bracelets and other national antique jewelry.
If you have Rare Silver Antique Jewelry from Central Asia or anything you thing we might of an interest for buying, please contact us at info@Bukhara-carpets.com

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