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Oriental Rugs Glossary

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Eastern Turkestan: An area of western China in the southwestern part of Xinjiang province. Oriental Rugs from this region are sometimes referred to as Samarkand rugs. Common sizes are 4x8 or 4x9 and popular designs include three medallions, pots with flowers and thirdly all over geometric elements throughout the field.

Embossed: A process of carving around a design or symbol to enhance the look of the rug. Commonly done in some Chinese art deco rugs and Tibet rugs.

Endless Knot: A buddhist emblem symbolizing long duration, often used with other symbols.

Erivan: Armenian rug centre.

Ersari: A large sub-tribe of the Turkmen distributed along the Amu Darya valley and in northwest Afghanistan. Recently, many Ersari have settled in Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have for sale Ersari rugs

Eyerlyk: saddle rug

Ensi (engsi): Used to cover the entrance to a tent, in other words a woven 'door'. Because of the mihrab-like design of many ensis, some writers have assumed that they were also used as prayer rugs; there appears to be no evidence of this usage and a number of authorities have specifically excluded it.

Ezine: European Turkey Town noted for elegant simple small rugs.

Elem: (Turkmen) additional border in pile oriental rugs, situated at the ends of a main rug or at the bottom of a mafrash, torba or chvual.

Eshik tysh: door hanging or rug used by the Kyrgyz, a Kyrgyz word.

Eyer: (Turkmen) saddle.

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