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We recommended you read this books about Caucasian Rugs.

Schurmann, U.: Ananlysis of Caucasian Rugs.

Audisio, Aldo: Antichi Tappeti dell 'Anantolia e del Caucaso (Antique Caucasian and Turkish Rugs). Turin 1986, 33 CP 108 pp.

Buchanan, Glen et al.: Antique Rugs from the Caucasus. Melbourne 1974, 22 b/w 32 pp.

Azadi, S. et al.: Azerbaijani-Caucasian Rugs. Hamburg 2001, 232 CP 617 pp.

Lefevre and Partners: Caucasian Carpets From the 17th to the 19th Centuries. London 1977, 39 CP 84 pp.

Kaffel, Ralph: Caucasian Prayer Rugs. London 1998, 160 CP 10 b/w 1 map 192 pp.

Schurmann, U.: Caucasian Rugs. London 1965 (1974), 160 CP 360 pp.

Benardout, Raymond: Caucasian Rugs. London 1978, 48 CP, 18 b/w 96 pp.

Hasson, R.: Caucasian Rugs. Jerusalem 1986, 70 CP 163 pp.

Jensen, Inge: Caucasian Rugs - A Private Danish Collection. Denmark 1974, 22 CP 68 pp.

Fiske, Patricia L.: Caucasian Rugs from Private Collections. Washington 1975, 46 b/w 44 pp.

Fokker, Nicolas: Caucasian Rugs of Yesterday. London 1979, 77 CP 141 pp.

Robinson, Peter: Caucasian Textiles 16th-20th Century. Boulder 1979, 32 b/w 31 pp.

Yetkin, Serare: Early Caucasian Carpets in Turkey. London 1978, 20 CP, 298 b/w 356 pp

Ellis, Charles Grant: Early Caucasian Rugs. Washington DC 1975, 16 CP, 21 b/w 112 pp.

Meister, Peter W. and Kurt Erdmann: Kaukasische Teppiche. Frankfurt 1962, 1 CP (frontis) 122 b/w 258 pp.

Farensadeh, Schamil: Kaukasische Teppiche, Ein Brevier (Caucasian Rugs). Braunschweig 1971, 15 CP 3 b/w 48 pp.

Tschebull, Raoul: Kazak: Carpets of the Caucasus. NY 1971, 23 CP, 17 b/w 104 pp.

Eder, Doris: Orientteppiche Band 1 Kaukasische Teppiche. Munchen 1990, 350 CP 432 pp.

John C. Edelmann Galleries: Rare Persian and Caucasian Rugs and Carpets. Rare Tapestries, Textiles and Books. New York, Dec. 11/15, 1979. Yaas

Bennett, Ian and Aziz Bassoul: Rugs of the Caucasus from Three Private Lebanese Collections (Tapis du Caucase a Travers Trois Collections Libanaises Privees). Beirut 2003, 114 CP 140 color details 286 pp.

Stone, Peter F.: Rugs of the Caucasus: Structure and Design. Chicago 1984, 188 pp.

John C. Edelmann Galleries: Turkoman, Persian and Caucasian Rugs and Carpets. New York Nov. 10, 1979, Tamarisk.

Evans, Bill: Woven Art of the Caucasus. Sydney 1992, 4 CP 6 pp.

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