Recommended for reading books on Turkmen Rugs and Carpets.

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We recomend you read this books about Turkmen rugs & carpets.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets Copenhagen 1990, 45 CP 48 pp.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets II. Cohenhagen 1994, 44 CP 47 pp.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets III Copenhagen 1996, 46 CP 48 pp

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets IV Copenhagen 1998, 58 CP 48 pp.

Elmby, Hans: Antique Turkmen Carpets V Copenhagen 2003, 11 CP 16 pp.

Gylyjov, Kh.: Arsary Khaly (Ersari Carpets) Carjev 1994, 21 CP 6 b/w 96 pp.

Pinner, Robert and Murray L. Eiland Jr.: Between the Black Desert and the Red, Turkmen Carpets from the Wiedersperg Collection. San Francisco 1999, 100 CP 50 b/w 144 pp.

Munkacsi, Kurt, David d'Heurle and Peter Saunders: Bigger is Better, Main Carpets of the Turkoman. New York 2003, 30 CP 30 color figures 68 pp. 5 CD-ROM

Hodjamukhamedov, N. et al.: Carpets and Carpet Products of Turkmenistan. Ashkhabad 1983, 139 CP of marginal quality 152 pp

Reuben, D.M.: Gols and Guls II. London 2001, 52 CP 76 pp

Reuben, David: Gols and Guls, Turkmen Carpets from the 18th and 19th Centuries. London 1998, 80 CP 114 pp.

Sotheby's: Turkmen and Antique Carpets from the Collection of Dr. and Mrs. Jon Thompson. NY 1993 (Dec. 16), 81 CP 150 pp.

Karadjaeva, G.: Turkmen Carpets. Turkey 1995, 52 CP 24 pp.

Mackie, Louise W. and Jon Thompson: Turkmen Tribal Carpets and Traditions. Washington 1980, 95 CP, 117 b/w 240 pp.

Bernheimer: Alte Und Antike Knupfarbeiten der Turkmenen (Old Antique Turkoman Rugs). Munich 1977, 46 pp.

Moshvoka, V.G. et al.: Die Teppich Kultur der Turkmenen (The Culture of Turkoman Rugs): Turkmenenforschung Band 8. Hamburg 1986, 10 b/w, numerous drawings 158 pp..

Rossetti, Brigitte: Die Turkmenen und Ihre Teppiche (Turkomans and Their Rugs). Berlin 1992, 21 CP, 15 b/w 278 pp.

Gombos, Karoly: Regi Turkmen Szonyegek (Turkoman Rugs). Budapest 1975, 61 b/w 108 pp.

Gombos, Karoly: Turkmenian Rugs. Budapest 1984, 45 b/w 34 pp.

Loges, Werner: Turkmenishe Teppiche. Munich 1978, 117 CP 200 pp.

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